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I Died & Came Back with an Urgent Message from Jesus

by Sid Roth

Felix Halpern medically died and went to Heaven, where Jesus gave him an urgent message… ▶▶A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven by Felix Halpern [Book & CDs]: ▶▶A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven by Felix Halpern [Digital Download]: Felix Halpern had to die to learn how to be alive. Rabbi Felix Halpern suddenly died but […]

The End Time Sunflower Prophecy UPDATE

by Sid Roth

Sid shares an important update to the End Time Sunflower Prophecy. ▶▶Join our Naturally Supernatural membership to get exclusive perks: You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

The Pagan Entities Ruling Over America | Zeitgeist 2025

by Sid Roth

▶▶Get your copy of Zeitgeist 2025 by Tom Horn [e-book]: In Tom’s revelatory new book Zeitgeist 2025, you will discover: • Hidden secrets and forgotten prophecies surrounding the year 2025 • How the current U.S. government is tied to America’s occult destiny • Lost prophecies from Qumran forecasting 2025 as the final age of […]

THIS is What a Heaven Portal Looks Like!

by Sid Roth

Jerame Nelson operates under the same Heavenly portal that Jesus walked under. ▶▶Portals of Revelation & Living Under an Open Heaven [Book & CDs]: ▶▶Portals of Revelation & Living Under an Open Heaven [Digital]: This season of power is just beginning! Jerame Nelson says you can operate in the God-kind of daily spiritual […]

The Insidious New Age Plot to Infiltrate Christianity

by Sid Roth

▶▶Get your copy of Authentic Awakening by Alan Strudwick [e-book]: One man’s quest for Truth paved the way for others to escape New Age enlightenment. From the age of 13 Alan Strudwick was ushered along a spiritual path that was planned and mapped out for him. He was chosen and invited into intense Hindu […]

An Angel Visited Me Holding an Ancient Book

by Sid Roth

An angel came to Miriam Evans holding an ancient book… ▶▶Get your copy of Decrees That Unlock Heaven’s Power [e-book]: These declarations move the Heart of Heaven! When Jesus returns will He find faith? Let your answer be a resounding “Yes!” In Decrees that Unlock Heaven’s Power, Tommy and Miriam Evans empower each one […]

Atheist Hears Audible Voice of God Say These Words…

by Sid Roth

Isaiah Saldivar was a self-proclaimed atheist. Then he heard the audible voice of God… ▶▶Be Empowered by Isaiah Saldivar [4-CD/Audio Series]: ▶▶Be Empowered by Isaiah Saldivar [Digital Download]: Isaiah Saldivar learned about the war that is being fought right in front of you, and also behind your back. This one-day atheist, next-day deliverance […]

These People Visit Heaven & See Each Other There

by Sid Roth

David Herzog shares on Heavenly visitations and amazing miracles in the glory. ▶▶Join our Naturally Supernatural membership to get exclusive perks: ▶▶SUBSCRIBE:​​ This episode originally aired in 2005. Stay tuned for more It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive! Copyright Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2021 #SidRoth​​ #ItsSupernatural​Classics​ #Heaven You need to login […]