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You Can Hear God’s Voice AND Prophesy!

by Sid Roth

Michael Maiden shares 100% absolute proof that EVERY believer can hear God and prophesy! ▶▶What Is Heaven Saying? [Book & CDs]: Michael Maiden says we are living in the last days. Either we know how to listen to the Holy Spirit and speak forth His words—or we will simply react to our world without […]

How To Operate in Your God-Given Authority

by Sid Roth

Joe Oden teaches you how to operate in the authority that God meant for all believers to walk in. ▶▶The Lightnings of God Package [Book & CDs]: ▶▶The Lightnings of God Package [Digital Download]: Joe Oden says God LOVES to do miracles. And SOME people get to watch…as Heaven moves when and where […]

The Supernatural Secret to REVERSE Aging

by Sid Roth

Katie Souza reveals the secret to reverse aging supernaturally! Find out what it is! ▶▶Be Revived, Speak Life & The Power of Communion [Book & CDs]: Katie Souza says there really is a fountain of youth. It’s in your Bible. Out of her own heath challenges, Katie made the choice to search out life-giving […]

Open Your Eyes to the Unseen World Around You

by Sid Roth

Blake Healy shows you how to see the unseen world around you. You will see like never before! ▶▶Indestructible & 9 Keys to Seeing in the Spirit [Book & CDs]: Blake Healy’s new book, Indestructible, describes the uncontested power of knowing who you are as a believer. Blake has seen angels and demons since […]

This Was Foretold by the Ancient Jewish Prophet

by Sid Roth

Can an ancient Jewish prophet reveal mysteries to what’s happening in our world right now? ▶▶Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah by Mark Biltz [Book & CDs]: Does Jeremiah hold the keys to our day? Jeremiah was a prophet and Levitical priest whose fellow priests and prophets wanted him dead. Everyone wanted him dead—political leaders, neighbors, […]