Did you know you can entertain angels and experience Heavenly encounters in your dreams? Join Sid Roth and Justin Perry as they discuss angels and Heaven in your dreams.
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When is a dream more than a dream? Justin Perry says some are supernatural experiences. He can help you know when you are entertaining angels…in your sleep!

If you want to grow spiritually, (re)start here! The prophet Joel says a great season of dreams and visions is upon us today—and Justin Perry (already a pastor) woke up in the middle of it.

Justin was schooled by the Holy Spirit to discern the difference between messages from Heaven and actual spiritual encounters. He says God wants to activate your dream life for the season we are in now. That includes God encounters and angelic visitations. Are you on the sidelines? Get in the game!

Justin’s new book, Adventures in Dreaming, will accelerate your spiritual life. But there’s more. Jeanne Guyon’s classic work, Experiencing God through Prayer, comes with it to transform your daily walk with God—while you are awake. Want to know what God is up to? Start here!

Then Justin and Sid Roth team up to help you understand what it means to be seated in Jesus in Heavenly places. Their CD, Keys to Heavenly Encounters, gives focus to your daily steps while practicing the power of meditative prayer and reading of the Scriptures. Jesus has ALL power and authority, and He surely wants you to use it.

Special bonus! With your online purchase, you will also receive access to a downloadable digital version of the CD after checkout.

Justin Perry is the Lead Pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church in Fort Mill, SC. Jeanne Guyon (1648–1717) was a Christian contemplative and writer.

▶▶Get your copy of Adventures in Heavenly Encounters by Justin Perry: http://bit.ly/37vYnC4

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