Guillermo Maldonado has all his prayers answered…very quickly. Are you interested in knowing how he approaches God? In knowing your prayers are being answered?
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Prayer is a place in the spirit where you express your love for the Father and rest in His personal space. Regardless of the setting, you become a “house of prayer.” Breakthrough Prayer is about Guillermo Maldonado’s own lessons that he never saw coming but realized were essential in over 20 years of ministry. Including —

• Personal two-way communication with the Father
• How to carry momentum in your prayer life
• How to have all your prayers answered in line with God’s will and His Word

Breakthrough Prayer and its companion journal Supernatural Breakthrough are meant to draw us closer to the Father as children of light even as we draw closer to the day of Messiah’s return!

And as you find your place of prayer Guillermo’s powerful teaching Flowing in the Supernatural will give you fresh direction as you realize God’s authority is greater than laws of nature and your circumstances. Watch God move!

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Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is the founder of King Jesus International Ministry. Active in ministry for over twenty years, he is a spiritual father to more than 350 churches in 50 countries.

▶▶Get your copy of Breakthrough Prayer by Guillermo Maldonado:

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