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Jesse and Amy Shamp show you how to release your miracle in the Glory! They found out you can live from the power and Glory of God regardless of your age. And miracles happen in an instant.

The Glory is no respecter of age or persons.
Miracles in the Glory is your invitation to engage God’s manifest Presence and walk in it.

The power of God is already inside of you. But cultivating intimacy with God and abiding in His secret place transforms you. You become an outlet for His Glory.

Jesse and Amy Shamp share powerful personal testimonies to help you release your own miracles out of time spent in His Glory. Learn how to:

• Live saturated in God’s manifest presence—where miracles are normal
• Discover the different realms of glory
• Access divine encounters through worship.
• Overcome barriers through the Glory

God’s power and Person are in you! They need to be unlocked! As you get to know Jesse and Amy Shamp, it just might provoke you to jealousy.

Jesse and Amy Shamp are a powerful itinerant ministry team based in Nashville, TN. Their mission is to edify and equip the body of Messiah for the work of the ministry.

▶▶Get your copy of Miracles in the Glory by Jesse and Amy Shamp: http://bit.ly/2x45XTF

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