Becky Dvorak killed a witch doctor! Watch what happened next!
▶▶More Than a Conqueror by Becky Dvorak [Digital Download]:
▶▶More Than a Conqueror by Becky Dvorak [Books & CD Set]:

Becky Dvorak says there is a demon spirit of death behind all kinds of mayhem and premature death. She ALSO teaches you to be more than a conqueror AND WIN.

Becky Dvorak gives you next-level Bible teaching from the front lines of ministry. Her latest book, Conquering the Spirit of Death, demonstrates your authority as a conqueror in every imaginable circumstance. Becky shows you how to:

• Come into agreement with the Spirit of life
• Recognize and renounce every aspect of death
• Be prepared for sudden or unexpected schemes
• Reject the fear of failure
• Use five overcomer’s keys to prevail
• Make depression flee.

Then Becky’s 3-CD set, Created to Win, does nothing less than commission you to do the greater works of Jesus in your life. Becky goes straight to the heart of the matter. You are equipped with resurrection power. The same Spirit that raised up Jesus is standing with you!

Offer includes Becky’s powerful booklet, God’s End-Time Supernatural Survival Guide!

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist who conducts healing services, seminars, and conferences globally. She and her husband David have been full-time missionaries since 1994, in Guatemala and Central America. They are founders of Healing and Miracles International and Vida Ilimitada.

▶▶More Than a Conqueror by Becky Dvorak [Digital Download]:
▶▶More Than a Conqueror by Becky Dvorak [Books & CD Set]:

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