Bonnie Jones shares the vital question Jesus will ask you when you get to Heaven.
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Before he went to Heaven, Bob Jones left us with a question. It’s the question that echoes out to all mankind for all eternity “Did You Learn To Love?”

Here is your chance to read Bob Jones’ full descriptive story, in his own words, about his death to life experience in 1975 and God’s plan for the coming harvest. Following a supernatural experience with the Lord Jesus, Bob spoke about such things as abortion and a homosexual disease, for which the devil killed him. But the Lord said, “I want you to go back to raise up my leaders and you will live to see the beginning of a billion soul harvest and the return of the glory.”

Even to this day, Bob wants you to know one thing: “There is only one question the Lord will ask you when you stand before Him in death, “Did you learn to love?”

▶▶Get your copy of Did you Learn to Love? by Bonnie Jones [E-Book]:

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