In 1984, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke met Kenneth and Gloria Copeland in South Africa at a Christ for All Nations crusade.

Kenneth said to Bonnke in his dressing room, “I want to partner with you. You minister to the unsaved, and I minister to the saved. Let’s work together.”

Then, Kenneth said he had a Word from the Lord for Evangelist Bonnke:

“The day is going to come where you will see a million people saved in one meeting.”

This was given when Evangelist Bonnke’s meetings were in a tent that sat 30,000. That prophecy was fulfilled 16 years later in Lagos, Nigeria in the year 2000, where 1.6 million people were saved in one meeting.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries has faithfully supported Christ for All Nations over the decades. Daniel Kolenda has assumed the leadership of Christ for All Nations for the last 12 years, and has watched the faithfulness of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and its Partners.

“I have found that this relationship is a match made in heaven,” says Daniel.

“I want to say to all of the Partners of KCM around the world…thank you. Their finances, donations and love offerings are going to the harvest. People are being saved, delivered, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit. Their helping to send us as well to the nations.”

Partners…because you pray, because you give, you make it possible!

At Kenneth Copeland Ministries, we believe #MinistryMatters. That’s why 10% of all donations received are sown back into other ministries around the world. We call it twice-sown seed, and it is distributed to help with orphanages, food outreach, prison ministries, evangelistic associations, translation of Bible teaching material and more.

Learn more about how you can get involved here:

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