For Pastors Artyom and Maryna Zhelezov of Ukraine, learning to stand in faith on God’s Word has changed their lives in supernatural ways for the better. The church they now pastor was first founded by Rick Renner, and through their partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, they learned how to grow in faith and minister in excellence to the people of Ukraine.

Believer’s Voice of Victory (BVOV), Kenneth Copeland’s daily television program, was a lifeline for Artyom when he was first learning the principles of faith. In fact, both he and Maryna admit that it was “his only spiritual food.” Through the BVOV broadcast, they learned how to stand on the Word of God for their needs, and how to apply it to every situation in their lives. And the Lord has done that miraculously. So far, the couple has believed God for a car and a house, both of which were provided to them in supernatural ways.

It’s because of these miracles—God’s provision—that they want others to know that if they will trust God’s Word and do what it says, it will bring results. They’ve seen it in both the United States and in their country of Ukraine.

Watch this testimony and hear how God is meeting the needs of people in Ukraine and around the world and how He is using partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministries to bless and train others to stand in faith on His Word. Watch it now!

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