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Rob and Aliss Cresswell operate in a miracle mandate from God, and their passion is to equip you to walk in that same miracle mandate. Are you ready to be activated in miracles? Rob and Aliss Cresswell dare you to impact the world with love and miracle working power. Right where you are.

Rob and Aliss Cresswell are no strangers to the miracle power of God. It is a part of their daily lives, and it’s available to every believer. To encourage your leap of faith, the Cresswells point to God’s provision and our mandate to demonstrate the Kingdom of God to the lost.

So stir yourself up. For starters, focus on the miracles of the Bible. But also read the real life experiences of Rob and Aliss, intended to help you step out! You can do it.

Aliss’ new book Unexpected Miracles and Rob’s new book The Threefold Miracle Mandate give you both foundational teaching and on-the-street testimonies of before-and-after miracles. And their 2-CD set, Pathways to Personal Freedom, devotes seven sessions to their keys for living from the miracle zone of God’s Presence.

In God’s economy, it’s about bearing fruit that remains. God is looking for partners who will believe miracles are for TODAY. He takes care of the rest!

Rob and Aliss Cresswell believe in the God of miracles and living a life of love and power. The Cresswells are proud grandparents who gave up their dream home and careers to pioneer “miracle” cafes and shops in England. They now encourage people all over the world to encounter God for themselves.

▶▶Get your copy of the Cresswells’ Power for Miracles Package: http://bit.ly/2WY1Mrb

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