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by Sid Roth

We are without a doubt in the last of the last days. Are you ready for the second coming of Jesus?God has called Sid Roth to be an end times evangelist to reach Israel and the world with the gospel. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

The Supernatural Personality Test [Discover Your Destiny]

by Sid Roth

Have you ever wondered what your God-given destiny is? Dr. Sandy Kulkin says it is time to discover who you have been created to be — and the secret is hidden in your personality. ▶▶Dr. Kulkin’s Biblical Profile: DISC Personality System: God gave you a Biblical personality style… How well do you know yourself? […]

Is It Right to Destroy Statues of Former Slave Owners?

by Sid Roth

Sid answers questions including: Is it right to destroy statues of former slave owners? ▶▶Download Your Free “Sid’s Personalized Scriptures” eBook: You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Lost Secrets of the Invisible World

by Sid Roth

Don Gossett shares lost secrets from the invisible world. ▶▶SUBSCRIBE: Stay tuned here for It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive! Copyright Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2020 #SidRoth #ItsSupernatural #InvisibleWorld You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Sid’s Father’s Day Blessing for You (Watch & Receive)

by Sid Roth

Dear Family, I have a very special gift for you this Father’s Day. Why is it so special? Because it comes from God Himself! Watch my special Father’s Day blessing for you. Happy Father’s Day to all our physical and spiritual fathers! Shalom and Love, Sid Israel Roth You need to login or register to […]

Angel Secrets I Discovered on My Visit to Heaven

by Sid Roth

Kevin Zadai shares secrets of the angels that he learned while on his visit to Heaven. ▶▶The Agenda of Angels by Kevin Zadai [Book & CDs]: ▶▶The Agenda of Angels by Kevin Zadai [Digital Download]: Kevin Zadai shares how the angels are sent to help fulfill what is written about you in heaven. […]

How to Interpret & Understand Your Dreams | Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale

by Sid Roth

Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale share proven ways to interpret and understand your dreams. ▶▶Divinity Code & Awakening the Prophetic [Digital Download]: Australia’s Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale have learned the “language of heaven” for interpreting your dreams and visions. Just as Jesus taught in parables, so does God. Thousands have learned how to […]

The Secret to Living Above ALL Evil

by Sid Roth

▶▶The Daily Decree by Brenda Kunneman [Digital Download]: ▶▶The Daily Decree by Brenda Kunneman [Book & CDs]: Be Powerful: Proclaim the Words of the Lord! Prophetic voice Brenda Kunneman’s new book and teaching series will supercharge your faith and your resolve! Brenda’s latest book, The Daily Decree, puts the words of Heaven to […]