Katie Souza reveals the secret to reverse aging supernaturally! Find out what it is!
▶▶Be Revived, Speak Life & The Power of Communion [Book & CDs]: https://bit.ly/2IxVSaI

Katie Souza says there really is a fountain of youth. It’s in your Bible.

Out of her own heath challenges, Katie made the choice to search out life-giving promises in the Word of God. She says the Bible’s youth-restoring promises are ours. Yours to run faster, serve stronger, last longer. They are for this generation, now!

Her new book, Be Revived, has plenty of wisdom. And among her favorite weapons?

• The power of communion (with it, Katie was healed of cancer)
• Abiding in the Presence of the Spirit
• Taking charge of your atmosphere
• Partnering with healing angels

Katie will also walk it out with you. With music by Janie DuVall, her 2-CD soaking/declarations series, Speak Life, and its companion CD, The Power of Communion, are tools you will need for your own journey.

Katie Souza believed God for more, not less, to the point she even skipped cosmetic surgery and costly procedures! Too many believers are running on fumes, she says, when the answer is just a promise of God away.

▶▶Be Revived, Speak Life & The Power of Communion [Book & CDs]: https://bit.ly/2IxVSaI

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