Patricia King was standing in Heaven with a box in her hands. When she opened it, the contents left her in awe. Experience God’s supernatural presence as you watch!
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Patricia King says when you understand your position in God it invites the possibilities of Heaven on earth. That includes provision from the riches of Heaven. Want to know more?

In a season of leanness you might find yourself thinking “I just want to be in Heaven.” But did you know that God has given you access to His riches here on earth?

Patricia King has lived both sides of the coin, and her experiences led to lessons for us all. From Scripture she answers questions like:

• What kinds of riches are there in Heaven?
• What does it mean to prosper as your soul prospers?
• What limits me from accessing provision and abundance?
• How do I conduct Kingdom transactions?
• Does God give different kinds of riches to different people?

Patricia’s teaching includes Heaven’s Abundance Now (3-CD Set) and The Four Realms of Blessing (insert). She shows you Scripture makes it clear the Father cares for the needs of His children, and He has abundant supply!

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Patricia King has been a pioneering voice with over 30 years in Christian ministry. She is an author and regular guest at conferences and television and radio shows. Patricia is president of XP Ministries and hosts the TV program “Patricia King – Everlasting Love.”

▶▶Get your copy of Accessing the Riches of Heaven by Patricia King:

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