Anchor: Job 38:12

  1. The early hour of the morning have serious spiritual influence in our life.
  2. The morning has ear and they do hear; everything has ear has far as the bible is concern.
  3. The morning can be commanded.
  4. The dawn(day spring) can receive orders.
  5. The dawn can carry out all the instruction you give.
  6. There are ordinances in the morning hour, to enforce the earth that you have a happy morning
  7. The morning decide the day; call forth all you want for that day.
  8. Wicked is already entrenched in the heavenly.
  9. If we do not shack off the wickedness in the heaven it will affect us.
  10. If you want ultimate control over the powers that exist on earth, you have to control from it from the heavenlies.
  11. You have the power as a born again child of GOD to mobiles the resources of heaven to help you
  12. You must learn how to break the enchantment and ordinance of Satanist that are programmed into the heavenlies.


Essential Qualities to Command the Morning

  1. Humility
  2. You must live in JESUS and let the WORD live in you.
  3. You must know who you are in Christ.
  4. Always say what GOD says.
  5. You must have violent faith.
  6. You must leave in purity.
  7. You must pray specific Prayers.



  1. Every power spending the night to pull me down, O sun throw them away in the Name of JESUS.
  2. O day arise and give me my portion in the name of JESUS.
  3. O day arise curse any power stealing my portion in the name of JESUS.
  4. Every wicked power in the second heavens that is represent my family die in the name of JESUS.
  5. Every rod of affliction from the second heaven BREAK!!! In the name of JESUS.
  6. Bullet from heaven FIRE! In the name of JESUS.
  7. Any problem that want to kill me die in the name of JESUS.
  8. Every mouth speaking against me with satanic anointing, sun transfer there arrows back to them.
  9. Every arrow of ancestral witchcraft DIE! In the name of JESUS.
  10. Everything stolen from my life by the powers of the night, I repossess you by fire in the name of JESUS.
  11. Thou power of polygamist witchcraft die in the name of JESUS
  12. Affliction of the Day, Die! In the Name of JESUS.



  1. Every negative flying power delegated against my destiny the angels shall pursue you in the name of JESUS (5 min)