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We hear about the glory. We see demonstrations by others on television, but somehow it hasn’t hit us. Jennifer Eivaz says, in many cases, it has to do with the dead places in our hearts from disappointments, sorrows, betrayal or trauma. To protect ourselves, we just bury these hurts so deep that we don’t even remember them. But Jennifer Eivaz knows how to awaken your heart again. Are you ready to have those dead places in your heart awakened? Jennifer Eivaz teaches and encourages you to give Holy Spirit access to every area of your life then carry God’s manifest Presence wherever you go!

Jennifer Eivaz says your deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit will take you places you never imagined! It starts with inviting the Presence of God. And He will come. Discerning the moment Holy Spirit arrives is where the learning begins.

In Glory Carriers (book) Jennifer encourages you in the process of becoming Holy Spirit’s friend. Jennifer admits it requires personal transformation! Not everything at once, but rather a partnering with His process. Meanwhile God gets to be God, and His goodness is full of surprises, both subtle and outrageous.

Along the way to becoming a carrier of God’s glory, Jennifer says you will become familiar with:

• Intimate fellowship with the Spirit of God
• Healing and deliverance
• His power and miraculous Person

Jennifer’s 3-CD set How to Flow in the Glory helps you become established as a carrier of God’s glory in your daily life. No circumstances or situations are beyond reach for the miraculous Presence of God!

Jennifer Eivaz is a minister and conference speaker with a heart for raising up more effective prayer. She is a regular contributor to Charisma online and The Elijah List and has taught at the Bethel School of the Prophets. Jennifer lives with her husband, Ron, and their two children in Turlock, California, where she serves as executive pastor at Harvest Christian Center.

▶▶Get your copy of Glory Carriers by Jennifer Eivaz: http://bit.ly/2HoMcvR

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